Site Closure &

Closure Made Simple

Asset Retirement Obligations (ARO) are more important today than ever before. 360 are ARO experts with a deep understanding of the energy industry and a focus on accelerated closure strategies.

Liability Management Services

For every well, pipeline, facility or site at the end of its productive lifespan, 360 is there to help understand costs, manage obligations and define risks – and as a result, make closure simple.

Liability Assessment & Strategy

Evaluating asset retirement obligations is a science, not an art. 360’s team of experts are at the forefront of ARO evaluation methodologies, data collection and strategy building. A deep understanding of multiple regulatory jurisdictions allows us to accurately assign ARO values and to effectively build ARO strategies designed to achieve the goals of your organization.

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Site Abandonment & Decommissioning

360 offers full-scale management and execution of well abandonment, facility, and pipeline decommissioning projects. We excel at Area Based Closure Program (ABC) coordination and collaborative program management across internal and external stakeholders. From initial programming and site selection through to complex non-routine abandonment activities and regulatory submissions, our engineering team deploys best-in-industry methodologies and practices.

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Environmental Reclamation & Remediation

Our team of qualified environmental professionals excels at building and executing risk-based environmental programs and solutions. With decades of experience, we have a proven track record in achieving regulatory closure in an efficient, cost effective and environmentally sensitive manner.

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September 19, 2022

360 Energy Liability Management Ltd. debuts on the ENR Top 200 Environmental Firms list for 2022

360 is proud to make our debut on the ENR Top 200 Environmental Firms in 2022. Please CLICK HERE to view the full list.

August 22, 2022

360 Closure Communication 22-07: Saskatchewan Inactive Liability Reduction Program begins January 2023

Please CLICK HERE to review Closure Communication 22-07, which summarizes an important regulatory and liability obligation update from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources.