Discover 360 Energy Liability Management

At 360, we assist our clients in “Making Growth Simple”.  Our sole focus is on asset retirement obligations in the oil and gas sector and we excel at quantifying, strategizing and executing on those obligations.   Our team is purposefully built to serve our clients needs across the entire ARO spectrum and we place a massive […]

Evaluating and Auditing Asset Retirement Obligations in a Post Redwater World

Change is constant in the oil and gas industry. With the political, environmental and economic landscape constantly shifting, all who are active in it need to stay up to date on the latest developments. Producers, lenders, and private investors, or really anyone holding or dealing in oil and gas assets, need a clear picture of […]

Oh, ABC, It’s Easy as, 1 2 3…

Recently, the AER has rolled out the new Area Based Closure Program (ABC) whereby operators can relax inactive well requirements in exchange for committing to an annual inactive liability reduction target. Goals of the Area-Based Closure Program are to encourage cooperation between operators to realize economies of scale for area based asset retirement and ultimately […]

Discretionary Approval: Getting Deals Across the Goal Line

The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) granted themselves discretionary authority on all transactions where the transferee has a Liability Management Rating (LMR) of less than 2.0 post-transaction through Bulletin 2016-21 in July 2016. This was a softening of Bulletin 2016-16, which was released three weeks earlier, that required all transferees to have an LMR greater than […]

How to Plan for Retirement – Asset Retirement

As local headlines continue to highlight the exodus of foreign investment from the Canadian energy sector, the resilience of local E&P companies is yet again being tested. One of the most refreshing parts of our day to day at 360 is that we get the opportunity to engage with enthusiastic new teams on a daily basis that continue to recognize opportunities in what may appear to be […]


Over the past few years, acquisition and divestitures in the oil & gas industry have become increasingly cumbersome for companies. With a heightened focus on liability by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) and industry, there are more instances for your transaction to hit a speed bump. If the Liability Management Rating (LMR) of the transferee […]


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