360 Energy Liability Management was purposefully built to support companies with oil and gas asset retirement obligations. As regulations, laws, standards, and technologies have changed through the years, we have continually evolved our strategies and guidance – and this has helped our clients remain efficient, decrease their operating costs and reduce risks and liabilities.

Fully integrated and a leader in the field, 360 offers a comprehensive range of services that covers all aspects of asset retirement, abandonment, decommissioning, environmental considerations, and site closure. The world of liability management can be intricate and complex, and our overarching goal – to make closure simple for our clients – is at the forefront of what we do. With our team of expert advisors and strategists, a proven customer service record and a focus on the exceptional delivery of the results our clients need, we ensure that every project we work on ends in success.


Liability Management

Focusing resources on ARO can often be costly, difficult to understand and frustrating. 360 helps you assess, manage, quantify, and prioritize your asset retirement obligations. We guide you through a deep understanding of liability management and each step of the retirement phase ensuring regulatory compliance throughout.

  • Liability Assessments – Corporate and M&A
  • Merger & Acquisition Analysis
  • Regulatory Guidance & Submissions
  • Deemed Liability Assessments & Audits
  • Liability License Rating/Liability Management Rating Analysis Forecasting & Planning
  • ABC, Dormant Site Program and Corporate Liability Management Strategy Building
  • Corporate ESG support

Abandonment & Decommissioning

360 executes well abandonment, facility, and pipeline decommissioning projects which are strategically tailored to the specific goals of your company. Our dedicated in-house team takes each project from initial review and programming through to surface decommissioning with a risk-based methodology at the forefront. 360 specializes in turn-key closure activities which incorporate all aspects of site infrastructure decommissioning.

  • Area Based Closure Program Design & Planning (ABC)
  • Prime Contractor Program Management
  • Abandonment Programming
  • Gas Migration and Surface Casing Vent Flow Testing and Repair
  • Porous and Protected Interval Identification and Isolation
  • Regulatory Submission and Non-Routine Applications
  • Engineering and Field Supervision
    • Well Abandonment
    • Facility Decommissioning
    • Pipeline Decommissioning

Environmental Reclamation and Remediation

Using site closure as our ultimate goal, we help design industry-leading environmental programs, strategies and execution plans. We use a practical and pragmatic approach to finding cost-effective solutions to complex environmental problems. Our in-house experts use their decades of combined environmental management expertise to empower clients and make environmental (liability) management simple.

  • Environmental Management System Design, Budgeting and Execution
  • Risk-Based Analysis & Site Stratification for Environmental Program Planning
  • Area Based Closure (ABC) Planning
  • Environmental Site Assessment
  • Remediation & Reclamation
  • Remedial Action Plans
  • Closure Activity
    • Vegetation Management
    • DSA
    • Reclamation Certificates/AOR
  • Regulatory, Stakeholder & Industry Consultation/Engagement
  • Site Specific Liability Assessment
  • Spill Response, Reporting & Remediation
  • Soil & Groundwater Monitoring Programs
  • Wetland & Wildlife Assessment & Management
  • SSRA including Tier 2 (A, B, C) & Tier 3 Guideline Modifications

Immediate Liability Removal

An alternative solution to managed ARO programs:

Immediate liability removal with Skye Asset Retirement – a liability acquisition firm.

360’s wholly owned sister company Skye Asset Retirement offers a proven liability removal tool.  Backed by a proprietary insurance product, Skye allows for immediate relief of the burden of liability management, which in turn allows you the freedom to focus on the tasks you want.

For more details visit: skye-ar.com