Committed to crafting a business that seeks to balance profit and a greater purpose

Leading the way in Environmental, Social and Governance reporting

With our Purpose and Vision crystalized, we can more clearly articulate our achievement and our goals with respect to our driving force. Our annual ESG report speaks to those items and our continued commitment to growth across all aspects of our business.

HSE Management System

In our line of work, safety is everything. We are proud of our industry-leading HSE polices and statistics, and strive to improve them year over year. Our number one goal on every closure campaign is that everyone goes home safe at the end of the day.

24-Hour Emergency Line – 1 (855) 224-5014

Quality Management

360 is an ISO 9001:2015 certified business. Our commitment to the ISO standard and quality internal processes adds value, support, and strength to our business acumen.

Indigenous Partnerships

360 is committed to actively building alliances within the indigenous business community and is proud to be a member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB). This membership allows us to continually grow our Indigenous network and ensure we are presenting opportunities for work and growth to the regions we are present in across Western Canada.

“360 is committed to building prosperous, transparent, and trustworthy relationships with Indigenous communities. We believe that we can create better futures by working together.”

Mark Ashton, President

Carbon Neutrality

By virtue of the work we do, our business lends itself to a net environmental benefit. 360 is proud to have achieved Carbon Neutrality for the calendar year 2020, and is committed to ensuring we are carbon neutral each year moving forward. We achieve this by conducting a self-audit, implementing a number of company-wide reduction initiatives, and then we purchase and retire carbon credits to offset our remaining footprint. These carbon credits are sourced from various regions around the world, including Western Canada.

Learn about one of the projects we source our carbon credits from:

“360’s HSE Management System ensures safe and efficient operations are at the core of everything we do. From management to our field team, controlling hazards and mitigating risk is integrated into the values, beliefs, and daily practices of 360 personnel.”

Adam Derry, Director of Field Operations

Certifications & Affiliations

Our participation in the industry through associations, councils, knowledge groups, and committees cements 360 as a leader and expert in the closure space across Western Canada and internationally.