We are customer-driven, problem-solving experts and strategists. We are 360.

Our Purpose

Because Closure Makes a Difference

A simple, yet powerful statement. This statement is now clearly articulated as our purpose and is a place we have arrived after several years of growth, sweat, challenges and a focus on constant improvement. We strongly believe this added layer will help solidify our plans to create a 100 Year Business while also allowing us to continue to refine 360 to meet the demands of industry today and in the future.

Our Mission

Closure Made Simple

We believe that your asset retirement obligations can be done effectively, efficiently, and with a measurable return on investment that allows you to continue development and build momentum towards the future. We take the time to collaborate with our partners in order to understand their needs, unearth their value, and deliver new insights – for every project, every time.


Community Initiatives

When our communities succeed, so do we.

Balance Foundation

360 has intentionally partnered with The Balance Foundation to ensure some of the values of our organization are expressed in the community. The vision of the Balance Foundation is to create meaningful and equal opportunities for youth through sport and education.