We are customer-driven, problem-solving experts and strategists. We are 360.

Our Vision

Everything that we do is in pursuit of our singular goal: Closure Made Simple

The oil & gas industry is incredibly complex. It requires expertise and connections across a vast network of people and resources, and is often intertwined with other industries. Explorers and producers are in a constant struggle to remain profitable while ensuring sustainability and competitiveness, in the midst of constantly shifting regulations and oversights.

But 360 is here to help make your closure activities simple.

In our mission, we believe that your asset retirement obligations can be done effectively, efficiently, and with a measurable return on investment that allows you to continue development and build momentum towards the future. We take the time to collaborate with our partners in order to understand their needs, unearth their value, and deliver new insights – for every project, every time.

Our Commitment to Safety, Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)

By virtue of the work that we perform, 360 contributes to the overall well-being of our industry, province, country, and the global picture.  In our mind, this isn’t enough.  We will set our standards for safety and ESG at the highest possible level to ensure that our business represents a strong commitment to all stakeholders.  Whether it is our pursuit of ISO 9001/14000 (2020 certification), our COR certification or our involvement in the local communities in which we work, 360 commits to putting the safety and well-being of our people and their environment first.

Community Initiatives

When our communities succeed, so do we.

Balance Foundation

360 has intentionally partnered with The Balance Foundation to ensure some of the values of our organization are expressed in the community. The vision of the Balance Foundation is to create meaningful and equal opportunities for youth through sport and education.